Need More Financial News in Your Life? Try a Newsletter

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Have You Subscribed to the Kiplinger newsletter yet? Well, what are you waiting for? The longer you wait, the longer you are uninformed about your finances, and the longer you will go without saving. It can seem nearly impossible to save money nowadays. But that is only because we are not taught how. We are encouraged to spend, regardless of our financial situation.

If you want to take control of your finances, and your future, you need to learn the ropes of finance. By having that knowledge, even just a rudimentary basic level of information, you can have the upperhand over most of Americans who coast through life living paycheck-to-paycheck, not doing anything about it.

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Want To Stay Up to Date on Finances and Business? Try a Magazine

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If you are looking for a money magazine online, or maybe an investment news magazine, or perhaps the best financial magazine around, you used to be able to get that all from a Smart Money subscription.

Your Smart Money subscription would get you monthly issues of the Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business. It was launched in 1992 by Dow Jones and Company and the Hearst Corporation. The target market was the affluent professional and managerial business people. It offered them help with personal finance information. That help would come in the form of articles on things such as ideas for saving, investing and spending. Other topics covered were automotive, technology, and lifestyles such as fashion, travel, music, food and wine.

Sounds great, right? You should drop everything and get a


What is a Financial Executive to Read?

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Bottom line personal magazine

As a CFO I used to have a Smart Money subscription, until it moved to an online only magazine. Eventually it moved again to live on the MarketWatch website by the Wall Street Journal, and since then I have been looking for the best financial magazines out there to round out my financial news sources. Whether you are interested in financial news advice for personal or business use you may find yourself in a similar situation.

As print newspapers slowly die out or transform into online only resources, it can be difficult to keep track of which financial magazines are still relevant. Here is a list of just four that I was considering.

1. Financial Executive Magazine

This magazine is published 10 times a year, and it is more specialized towards providing news in the fields of finance, business,


No Wizard on Staff? Get Help Predicting the Future by Reading Great News Publications

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Money mag

Without having an actual crystal ball, it is impossible for people to know what is going to happen in the future. However, doing exactly that is important for businesses who hope to stay one step ahead of developing trends and set themselves up to succeed in the difficult marketplace of today. While some companies make projections by having a team of analysts who look at stats and trends to make educated guesses, others will want to find a publication or money magazine online that helps. If the latter is the case, The Kiplinger Letter can be a great tool.

According to The Kiplinger Letter website, “Conventional news sources look backward, reporting what happened. We look ahead.” This type of news reporting can be very helpful for businesses who need to gain insights about what is going to happen. Knowing what has h


Resources for the Investment Savvy Folks

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Money magazine online

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 54 percent of Americans are currently investing; this is the lowest percentage since 1999 (it peaked around 65 percent in 2007 according to Money mag). Also according to Money magazine online, the sharpest decline is noted among the middle class (those who earn between 30 and 75 thousand). Whether these numbers are lagging due to limited household budgets or a general disenfranchisement with the economy, however, is left to be determined.

If you belong to the 50 percent of Americans who invest, there are many resources to keep you abreast of what is next for the U.S. stock markets. In fact, there is no one best financial magazine, but there is an investment news magazine or newsletter, such as Kiplinger newsletter, to match the type of investments you wish to mak


Do You Have a Favorite Money Mag?

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Money mag

Do you enjoy keeping up to date on business dealings by reading your favorite money mag? Many people find their business news by reading such publications as the Kiplinger newsletter, as well as other such magazines.

Whether your favorite money mag is online, such as a money magazine online, or an actually printed publication, many of them are full of content that you seek. For instance, you may read a financial executive magazine to ensure that you have the latest news for executives in your position. Reading a money mag such as this will give you an edge in your business dealings. A magazine that pertains to executives will often contain articles about investing, company management, employee relations, and many other similar topics.

If you are in the financial arena, a money mag such as a financial executive magazine or a bottom line personal magazine may be at the top of your list. These magazines feature articles and commentaries about the financial markets. A money mag such as these often have in depth articles about stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. A money mag may also have information about futures trading or currency trading. An investment news magazine is also another great option for your money mag collection. Whether you are looking for investment advice pertaining to real estate or other investment opportunities, this type of money mag will be a wealth of information.

A money mag can also keep you up to date on other current topics. Many magazines today provide columns and features about money and finances. These magazines may have a main topic such as celebrities or fashion, but will often publish financial articles, much like a money magazine would.

Another great sources of information is the newspaper. Many major newspapers have entire sections devoted to money and financial news. These publications can be a great complement to your favorite publication.

Whether you get your money publication online or via a printed version, you will be able to find the information that you want because of the numerous offerings. If you are looking for a new money mag, a quick Internet search should give you plenty of options.


How The The Best Financial Magazines Helps You Make Decisions

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Kiplinger newsletter

Citizens of the world today that want to read a money magazine online or a financial executive magazine must take great care in choosing the specific place that they go for their news. A great quality investment news magazine will help with investments of all kind, including personal and professional. If you want to read the best financial magazine it is imperative that you keep up with the Kiplinger newsletter so that you can get information that is designed to wade through the noise that people receive today to get to the bottom of what is important.

The Kiplinger Letter is the best financial magazine that reports on the world in a way that is different from the way that most traditional news sources do. Most news organizations and establishments report on the news by telling people about things that have already happened in the past. The Kiplinger Letter, on the other hand, is designed to help its readers predict the future as accurately as possible. The team of news specialists at The Kiplinger Letter pride themselves on being able to research the news independently to give people everything that they need to know about important stories of the day.

Another excellent benefit of subscribing to the best financial magazine is that you will have the chance for personal interaction with the writers on staff. Subscribers of the best financial magazine will be able to write or call in so that they can get answers to any personal question about things such as government regulations, stories happening overseas, or other concerns that might impact the decisions that they make about things that they are faced with. This type of personal interaction is highly valuable for people that are interested in being certain that they are receiving news that is useful for them.

The best financial magazines are a top quality resource for people that are trying to learn about news stories that have an impact on the way that they live life. Keeping up with the professionals at Kiplinger will help you have a better sense of what things you need to learn about so that you can be up to date with fields like the law, finance, and foreign currency. Get started as a Kiplinger subscriber today to see for yourself just how much help this organization can provide you in your quest to learn as much as you can so that you can make informed decisions that lead to success and profit.


Financial magazines can keep you up to speed on money trends

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The kiplinger letter

For some people, keeping abreast of financial trends, as well as gaining financial insight for their own financial planning efforts, are reasons to read the best financial magazine, either through home delivery or online. With so many to choose from, how do you make the best use of these finance magazine resources and discover the right bottom line personal magazines or investment news magazine?
Start by picking the right ones that meet your interests and goals. It helps to read two or three money mags or finance magazine regularly by getting a smart money subscription to help you understand trends, and to use the information for your own benefit.
Those who are looking for personal finance topics should read a bottom line personal magazine that includes letters and notes regarding investing, insurance, taxes, retirement and small business news. An online finance magazine should also include investing ideas and analysis, and should provide links to those businesses that represent what’s happening in the markets and how to gain money from day to day. Reading personal finance stories can help the reader understand more about their own investments or situations.
Serious investors should look for finance magazines that deliver news on market analysis such as a financial executive magazine or a bottom line personal magazine for information about finances and investing. A solid and reputable online finance magazine will do the trick. Some finance magazines can be a bit sensational at times. Avoid reading those that are too gossipy or speculative and stick to those that are steeped in business tradition, with respected commentary.
The reader of an bottom line personal magazine should be gaining a comprehensive look at what’s happening now and what the future of your own portfolio will be. Looking at the economy as a larger picture and help your own smaller picture. Reading an online magazine that has been around for years, and has a strong view of the world, including politics, economics, technology and science, can help readers of an online finance magazine get the most out of their time and investments.


The Best Money Mag for Your Investment Needs

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Kiplinger newsletter

If you are an investor or entrepreneur, chances are you are always looking for a good money mag to read. But what is the best financial magazine for you? This all depends on what it is that you want out of an investment news magazine. The Kiplinger newsletter is a terrific bottom line personal magazine. With your smart money subscription, you can take advantage of the numerous investor tips offered via the Kiplinger letter.

A money mag should be chock full of informative articles that can help you make the best investment decisions. Whether you are interested in saving for retirement, figuring out how to pay for the college educations of your children, or learning about the latest tax laws related to investment income, Kiplinger will always provide you with the very best financial information available. As well, Kiplinger has terrific articles about insurance, a topic of the utmost importance to the investor. Compared to many a money mag that is out there, Kiplinger provides the most up to date financial advice for your investment related needs.

The Kiplinger Letter has been around for almost a century, and in that time the money mag has helped many investors just like you navigate their occasionally treacherous financial environments in order to get the very best return on investments. As a money mag, one thing that Kiplinger does particularly well is forecast future trends. These forecasts are based on solid evidence rather than hype. Another money mag might take a partisan track. Another money mag may have an agenda that you are not even aware of, and this agenda can color the type of information and advice presented. However, Kiplinger is committed to objectivity. Kiplinger is a “Just the Facts, Ma’am” money mag, so you always know that you are getting solid advice.


3 Things you can get from money magazine online

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Money mag

Whether you are a business owner or a housewife or an employee, you should read money magazine online. With the economy today, information is the key into turning a financial problem into a financial opportunity. The main thing of course is to get the right information. And the best place to get the right, meaning relevant and totally informative, information is from the money magazine online. Here are three examples of what you can get from money magazine online.

First, the for business owners, best financial magazines today offer you the insights and news that you will not get elsewhere. In fact, the best financial and investment news magazine, such as the Kiplinger newsletter provides many of the businesses today with business forecasts that they use in managing the business. To prove the value of the magazine to businesses, the Kiplinger Letter which was first launched in 1923 had been instrumental in the success of many businesses in the US since it first came about. During the Great Depression, it provided many businesses forecasts and insights which they used to successfully see their businesses through the hard financial times. Many of these businesses would not have made it without the periodical. It is no surprise today that it is the most widely read business magazine in the world. Now, if you own a business, you know the importance of business forecast so you know the importance of reading financial executive magazines and money magazine online that provides the same guidance to businesses.

Second, money magazine online will increase your expertise. For example, when you read money magazine online you will see sections that are dedicated to different types of businesses and different industries. As such, you can take full advantage of knowing what is happening in business in general but also in your specific type of business or industry. For example, if you are an owner of an SME, reading money magazine online will teach you the best practices for SMEs. One of these is taking advantage of social media. For many business owners of SMEs, they are not aware of the impact of social media in the success of their businesses. They do not know that one way that SME are now able to compete with big establishments and large corporations is by right social media campaign.

Third, if you do not have a business, say you are a single living alone or a housewife with your family, you should read money magazine online because you will learn so many things from them. For example, from a bottom line personal magazine, you can learn about building your own personal wealth to how to afford sending your kids to college. At present, there are many smart money subscriptions that you can try. These are good tools that will allow you to better manage your finances.