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Why Outsource Payroll When You Could Do It Yourself? Learn Why Here

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Payroll software solution

What, exactly, is a PEO? PEO stands for ?professional employer organization.? It?s a relationship in which a business hands over certain human resource management services to an administrative partner. This allows businesses to concentrate on the ?business? aspect of actually running their business, without dropping the ball on important aspects of making sure employees are happy.

PEO Service: Allows More Focus on Actual Business Operations

A PEO service may handle administrative details such as making sure employees


4 Times it is Better to Sell Your Structured Settlement

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Cash for your structured settlement

Do you receive monthly payments from an annuity settlement? Perhaps you won the lottery, or inherited an insurance annuity, or received it a lawsuit. Whatever the reason, getting the small monthly payments it’s probably something you aren’t complaining about. Sometimes though, life happens and selling an annuity settlement for a large sum of cash becomes more beneficial than taking small payments over a large span of time.

If you are considering selling an annuity settlement, you may have heard a lot of negative press about it. We agree to some extent, selling an annuity settlement to treat yourself to a luxury shopping spree or take a trip


4 Decisions You Will Need to Make If You Win a Lot of Money

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Can i sell my annuity

Figuring out what to do when you have won a large sum of money can be difficult. While you don’t want to make the wrong decision and be unwise, you don’t want to be so frugal that you end up missing opportunities that could have made your life so much better. It may be hard to know what to do, but a financial adviser who is familiar with these kinds of situations will be a great asset to have on retainer. Friends and family have great intentions but if they have not been through this before then there is no way for them to understand the pressure that you are under and the decisions you have to make.

Should you sell fixed annuity?

This is the first question to ask yourself. Continue Reading No Comments


Getting Out of Debt How the Lottery Could Be the Answer You Need

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Structured settlement annuity benefits

Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness has obviously never been in a financially dire situation. While nearly all Americans would love to not worry about money, many of us are unable to do so thanks to debt. House payments, student loans, medical bills, and credit cards are all responsible for making our lives harder; many people with outstanding debt feel trapped or helpless and may face bankruptcy. To better debt, we must first understand how one falls into these kinds of money traps.

How Debt Cripples Americans

The American economy has had a rough couple of years. Over the past 12 years household income has increased by 26% — unfortunately, the cost of living too has increased by 29%, making it difficult for many hardworking Americans to cover their


Unlock Your Dreams With Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

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Cash for your structured settlement

If you are receiving annual payments from a structured settlement, you may be able to exchange your annuity for cash. This is an important decision, and you should consider all aspects of the question. It’s a good idea to talk to a personal financial planner as well, to determine if you would be better off getting cash for structured settlement payments. For many people, selling fixed annuities in exchange for a lump sum frees up their money, to use productively or invest as they wish.

Lump sum v annuity
Fixed annuity settlements can originate in several different ways. You may have won the lotto, or been awarded a legal settlement, or you may be receiving an insurance or


Don’t You Want Your Money Right Now? Here’s How You Can Get It Today

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Lottery annuity payout

Almost everyone in the world worries about money, and rightfully so; as the world’s population grows exponentially and the average human lifespan increases concurrently, more and more people have good enough reasons to fear living longer than the money with which they have to support themselves.
With that, certain people end up with more money than they might reasonably know what to do with. While this isn’t an article on the 1% or the top of the Forbes list (some of those people actually do know what to do with their money), some people are the recipients of lottery payments, large settlements from court cases and inheritances. In fact, the average payout for a structured settlement is a whopping $324,000. Continue Reading No Comments


4 Reasons to Use Cash

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Currency machines

In a digital world, receiving cash in your business can seem like a hassle. However, it is extremely necessary to still accept cash along with credit cards and PayPal and any other types of payment that your business allows. If you do not accept cash, especially if you have a store front business, you are alienating a whole audience of people that still use cash. In order to keep track of all that cash you will need commercial coin counting machines and other cash management solutions to keep an accurate count of the revenue coming in from cash payments. Here are some reasons why folks may still prefer using cash:

  1. Identity Theft
    Some people

4 Tips for Getting Cash for a Annuity Now

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Need extra cash

So, you have won a lottery or a large lawsuit, now what? Most lottery jackpots pay their winners one lump sum and then follow that with annual payments. A Mega Millions $5 millon jackpot winner should expect to receive one check for about $750,000 followed by 29 annual payments. Each will be about 5% more than the one before it. While that is not a small amount of money, many people prefer to get cash for an annuity now and sell right away.

Follow These Steps to Get Cash for an Annuity Now:

  1. Review your finances.
  2. Take your financial paperwork to someone you really trust and go through it to see if selling your annuity is the right thing for you to do. Look at your situation. You will have to have a good reason to sell as the court does have to ap