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Get Cash for Annuity and Live Debt Free

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Receive lottery winnings

What are the benefits of getting cash for annuity payments?
Perhaps it’s from a lawsuit, or maybe it’s a lottery annuity, but you’ve found yourself with a structured settlement. You’re getting cash in regular payments, but it’s taking too long and coming in too slowly, and the monthly expenses are building — car insurance, medical bills, student loans, and other costs. You’ve done the best you can, but your only option has been to repeatedly charge these bills to your high interest credit cards. Now you find yourself in over your head with credit card debt on top of the mounting bills. In the past 12 years, household income has grown by 26%, but the cost of living has gone up by 29% in that same time frame. By selling your annuity, you can finally have access to the lump sum you need to pay off y


5 Tips to Get the Best Business Valuation Report

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Business appraisal valuation

There are few things more American than the start-up company. Every month, about 543,000 new companies open their doors around the country. Staying in business is the hard part. Nearly 70% of new businesses with employees survive for two years. About 50% are around after five years. By the ten year mark, only a third are still operating and after 15 years, that number is down to 25%. If you are looking to get a business valuation report, there are steps you can take to get the best one for your company.

  1. Start with the basics. When you are looking to get an accurate business valuation report for your business, the

This is Why It’s Time to Sell Your Annuity

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Lump sum or annuity

The long wait is over — you finally won your settlement, whether it?s for a personal injury lawsuit, an auto manufacturing mistake, or something else entirely. Congratulations — but now comes the long wait as you wait for your annuity to get to you.

An annuity is an annual installment of money you?re set to receive. In many cases, this is intended to help people spend their money on what they need, rather than being overwhelmed and spending it all at once on frivolous things.

Many people, though, have real reason for accessing their money now — not later. Let?s review why.

You Have Debt

The average American household is paying over $6,000 in interest alone every year, on their debt. By paying off your debts — whether it?s student loans, a mortgage, an auto


Planning for a Secure Financial Future with Cash for Annuity Payments

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Lottery annuity payout

Like everyone, you have big plans and dreams. If you had the money, you would start a new business, pay off your debt, invest your money wisely, buy a new car or house, or go to college. Most people don’t have the cash to make their dreams a reality, but if you are receiving annual payments from a structured settlement or a lottery win, you may be able to get a lump sum of money by selling your annuity. Rather than leaving your money tied up in annual payments over a period of ten, twenty or even thirty years, you can access it by selling an annuity settlement. With a lump sum payment, you can plan and invest your money to ensure a secure financial future for yourself and your family.

Settlements are a popular form of payment
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