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The Difference Between Lump Sum and Annuity Payments

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Selling a structured settlement

You and your coworkers decided to go in on a lottery pool. You never actually thought that you would be a winner. However, you soon learned that one of the tickets actually hit, and you are one of the lottery winners. You wonder how this will work. You turn in the lottery ticket, and you are given two options for payments. You can, one, choose to receive a lump sum payment, all of your funds at once. You can also, two, choose to receive monthly structured settlement payments. You decide to go with the second option, so that you are not tempted to spend your winnings all at once. There are a lot of things present when it comes to the difference between lump sum and annuity payments.


Looking to Invest In Commercial Real Estate? Here Are 4 Tips to Help

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Real estate investment company

If you are looking for a great investment, commercial real estate is worth looking into. Buying commercial real estate is not like buying residential real estate and there are things you need to do and think about before you make the plunge.

Start by talking to experts. If you are serious about buying commercial real estate, you need to get advice from experts in commercial real estate. When doing valuations of property, commercial real estate is looked at and treated very differently than residential property. The value of commercial real estate is often tied to the amount of space that can be used for the business. The leases are longer for commercial properties than for residential ones. this means the cash flow is greater. When buying commercial real estate, you will need to put m


The Good and the Bad of Selling Your Payments

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Sell structured settlement payments

Maybe you were excited when you found out you were going to win your case. Dollar signs swirled around your head about all the things that you were going to do. Let’s cover a few of them:

  1. Buy a brand new, luxury vehicle!
  2. Buy a house cash and live in it, payment free until you give it to your children!
  3. Go back to college and get a degree without having to worry about paying off student loan debt when you’re done!
  4. Pay off any student loans, credit cards, personal loans, car loans and any debt!
  5. Travel! See the world! Go there, do that, buy the t-shirt!
  6. Pay advances on all your bills and live worry free for as long as possible!
  7. Perhaps give some to charity and watch how it hanges lives!

The possibilities were endless in yo


Annuity Payments What Are Your Options

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Structured settlement cash now

When you win the lottery or come out on top at the end of a lawsuit, there are a few things that happen. The most significant is that you probably end up getting a large amount in a settlement or in winnings of some kind. This is very exciting, or so most people think until they find out that this type of payment is usually doled out in structured settlements, made monthly over a long period of time. Check out what your options are below, so you can get the most of your settlement situation:

Keep Getting Payments
You might be fully prepared to sit back and do nothing at all. Structured settlements work quite well for a lot of people, and in a way it ensures that you