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Challenges an American Company Faces Hiring Canadians

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A business owner must do everything possible to find the right talent. No company wants to find themselves limited by location. You don’t want to miss out on finding the right employee. Many American companies have avoided hiring Canadians in the past due to payroll and tax issues. Professional employer organizations have enabled companies to hire outside of the United States with ease. In this post, you will learn about five challenges American companies face when hiring Canadian employees.

  1. Insurance Costs

    One challenge a business owner faces is finding the right insurance plan for employees. Companies who are unable to find the best insurance plan may not have an attractive employee benefits packages to offer. A business without the right benefits may never lan

Four Important Factors When Calculating a Company Valuation

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Sometimes it makes more sense to purchase an already established business, rather than build something from the ground up. This business model is why there are so many franchisee owners. For a fee, you can receive all of the tools needed for success, as well as a business name that is already recognized. Purchasing an already established business has many benefits, but it can be difficult to come up with a fair price. How can you put a number on a business? There are many factors to consider.

How long has the business been open?
The time length that the business has been open can be helpful in determining its value. A brand new business means that you will still have to do many of the new business tasks, such as marketing, building a reputation, and finding your plac


The Economy Goes Way, Way Back

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The process and methodology of money goes back a long, long way. There are several distinct phases in the history of money and several key developments that led the global economy to the powerhouse that it is today. Starting far back in the distant, each of these developments seem separate but is actually an interconnected part of a greater whole. It’s the small things, the development of round coins, the invention of the electric cash counter, that’s made the economic world what it is today. And it all starts way back during the days of the roman empire.

    From Bartering to Something Better
    While other empires made use of some form of currency in previous times, it was the Romans who first widely disseminated the idea of a ‘currency machine’ to replace the v


The Importance of Using a Business Valuation Model When Buying a Business

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When the residential market improves, the business market tends to follow. As people are better able to afford and profit off of their residential properties, they have more abilities to open or purchase a small business. If you have been contemplating purchasing a local business and finally working for yourself, now is a great time. However, make sure that you are purchasing a good business deal, at a fair price. If you intend to purchase the business with a loan, the loan company will require a business valuation that makes sense.

Purchase in an industry that you know
Simply purchasing a successful business is not enough to be successful. Once you purchase the business, you will be in charge of every aspect of the sales, product development, and customer service. I


Getting What You Need from Your Credit Card Processing

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Every single month there are more than 500,000 new businesses that take off and hope to fly. Many will fail, but many will succeed. Those who will succeed will do so because they are properly set up to take credit and debit cards. Almost every small business that is not set up to take cards will not make it. They seem to think they can not afford to take cards, but the fact of the matter is that they can not afford not to.

Credit card solutions for small business is a niche in the financial world that is growing rapidly. Banks are finally beginning to see how the public wants to spend its money and how small businesses need the kind of help and support that can make their business thrive.

In almost every American wallet you will find a credit or debit card. Many different studies have rec


Why Small Business Valuation Shouldn’t Be As Troubling As You Think

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For many small business owners who are selling their business, small business valuation can be a significant factor in the deal getting done because for many owners, it is extremely difficult to attach a dollar value to the business. It is a touchy subject because of the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into building the thing.

In many cases, selling a business comes after years of struggle and leans times before, hopefully, turning the venture into something successful. Because of those years of struggle and success, small business valuation can become muddled by subjective personal attachments and pricing that is not routed in marketplace reality.

As with the value of one’s home, the actual value of a small business is exactly the amount that someone is willing to pay for it. Personal


Does Your Company Need a Business Scanner?

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When you are operating a business that deals with a heavy cash flow, it is important to have all of the equipment on hand that will allow your company to function smoothly and efficiently. Some of the most important pieces of equipment are currency counter machines and business scanners. It is equally important to educate and train your employees to properly use these types of machines.

How the right equipment can help you succeed

When you work in an industry that requires you to work with a high volume of money, cash counting machines are essential. Both a bill sorter and a coin sorter and counter machine are important to have. These


3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Currency Counter Machines

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We rely on technology for almost everything these days. So if your business is still counting cash by hand, it might be time to swap out that old school technique for currency counter machines. In order to compete in today’s market, your company can’t afford substantial errors that result in lost time and money. Fortunately, cash management systems allow your business to be more productive and reduce mistakes. Here are just three reasons why your business needs a currency counter machine immediately:

  1. Cash counters save time
    Counting money by hand takes a lot of time, and you often have to double- or triple-check your work to make sure your final figures are correct.

Developing a Small Business Model that is Poised for Success

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The digital age has brought with it a plethora of opportunities for inventors, innovators, and designers to create a business of their own. The United States now has an estimated 29 million small businesses with an estimated 627,000 new small businesses opening up every year. While it has become easier than ever to start your own business, a surprising number of small businesses fail every year due to minor mistakes, poor investments, or simple lack of interest from consumers — statistics estimate that over half of all small businesses will fail to survive for over five years due to the fierce competition posed by online spending. Here are some ways that small businesses are thriving in an increasingly hostile business market.

Expanding Your Reach

One problem th


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Business Valuation Appraisals

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Are you in need of a business valuation appraisal? If you own your business, or have even a partial interest in a business, or are considering purchasing a business, you will most likely need a business valuation appraisal at some point along the line. To help you become a business valuation appraisal expert, we’ve put together a quick guide to frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Business Valuation Appraisals

  1. What’s a small business valuation appraisal?
    The short (and obvious) answer to this question is that a