4 Times it is Better to Sell Your Structured Settlement

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Cash for your structured settlement

Do you receive monthly payments from an annuity settlement? Perhaps you won the lottery, or inherited an insurance annuity, or received it a lawsuit. Whatever the reason, getting the small monthly payments it’s probably something you aren’t complaining about. Sometimes though, life happens and selling an annuity settlement for a large sum of cash becomes more beneficial than taking small payments over a large span of time.

If you are considering selling an annuity settlement, you may have heard a lot of negative press about it. We agree to some extent, selling an annuity settlement to treat yourself to a luxury shopping spree or take a trip


Don’t You Want Your Money Right Now? Here’s How You Can Get It Today

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Lottery annuity payout

Almost everyone in the world worries about money, and rightfully so; as the world’s population grows exponentially and the average human lifespan increases concurrently, more and more people have good enough reasons to fear living longer than the money with which they have to support themselves.
With that, certain people end up with more money than they might reasonably know what to do with. While this isn’t an article on the 1% or the top of the Forbes list (some of those people actually do know what to do with their money), some people are the recipients of lottery payments, large settlements from court cases and inheritances. In fact, the average payout for a structured settlement is a whopping $324,000. Continue Reading No Comments