This is Why It’s Time to Sell Your Annuity

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Lump sum or annuity

The long wait is over — you finally won your settlement, whether it?s for a personal injury lawsuit, an auto manufacturing mistake, or something else entirely. Congratulations — but now comes the long wait as you wait for your annuity to get to you.

An annuity is an annual installment of money you?re set to receive. In many cases, this is intended to help people spend their money on what they need, rather than being overwhelmed and spending it all at once on frivolous things.

Many people, though, have real reason for accessing their money now — not later. Let?s review why.

You Have Debt

The average American household is paying over $6,000 in interest alone every year, on their debt. By paying off your debts — whether it?s student loans, a mortgage, an auto