Fraud Detection In The Age Of Technology

Written by Best Financial Magzine. Posted in Aml technology, Identify verification solution, Kyc process

Fraud detection is a precious resource to have in today’s world. The amount of fraud that occurs every second is insurmountable and often leaves people unaware and vulnerable to the dangers that lurk within being a technologically dependent society. Those who commit fraud take full advantage of the technological changes that potentially places personal information at risk for identity fraud, through banking and other online services. In the U.S alone, credit card fraud comprised of 16.8% of all identity theft fraud in 2017 making fraud detection services imperative to protect citizen’s livelihood—the reality of identity fraud is fighting for everyone, because there’s no guarantee any information is completely secure from hackers. However, with the abundance of hackers, there are also numerous fraud detection services available to provide some of the top security options around, such as account takeover protection and bank account verification software.

Why Is Identi