4 Tips for Getting Cash for a Annuity Now

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Need extra cash

So, you have won a lottery or a large lawsuit, now what? Most lottery jackpots pay their winners one lump sum and then follow that with annual payments. A Mega Millions $5 millon jackpot winner should expect to receive one check for about $750,000 followed by 29 annual payments. Each will be about 5% more than the one before it. While that is not a small amount of money, many people prefer to get cash for an annuity now and sell right away.

Follow These Steps to Get Cash for an Annuity Now:

  1. Review your finances.
  2. Take your financial paperwork to someone you really trust and go through it to see if selling your annuity is the right thing for you to do. Look at your situation. You will have to have a good reason to sell as the court does have to ap