Get Cash for Annuity and Live Debt Free

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Receive lottery winnings

What are the benefits of getting cash for annuity payments?
Perhaps it’s from a lawsuit, or maybe it’s a lottery annuity, but you’ve found yourself with a structured settlement. You’re getting cash in regular payments, but it’s taking too long and coming in too slowly, and the monthly expenses are building — car insurance, medical bills, student loans, and other costs. You’ve done the best you can, but your only option has been to repeatedly charge these bills to your high interest credit cards. Now you find yourself in over your head with credit card debt on top of the mounting bills. In the past 12 years, household income has grown by 26%, but the cost of living has gone up by 29% in that same time frame. By selling your annuity, you can finally have access to the lump sum you need to pay off y


4 Decisions You Will Need to Make If You Win a Lot of Money

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Can i sell my annuity

Figuring out what to do when you have won a large sum of money can be difficult. While you don’t want to make the wrong decision and be unwise, you don’t want to be so frugal that you end up missing opportunities that could have made your life so much better. It may be hard to know what to do, but a financial adviser who is familiar with these kinds of situations will be a great asset to have on retainer. Friends and family have great intentions but if they have not been through this before then there is no way for them to understand the pressure that you are under and the decisions you have to make.

Should you sell fixed annuity?

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