15 Pro Thrifting Tips


Thrifting is the art of buying used clothes from thrift stores. Here are some tips so you can learn to thrift like a pro.

Make a List

It’s easier to locate items when you know what you need.

Shop by Color or Texture and Length

This helps you to identify what you want and scan sections quickly.

Be Patient

You need time to acquire quality items.

Be Open-Minded

This can help you alter the current look of that piece.

Check Menswear

Check out the menswear as it’s usually priced lower.

Try It On

Even if it’s not your size, try it on.

Base Layer

Wear a fitted base layer so you can try clothes without fully changing.

Check the Discard Rack

You can find some great stuff on these racks.


Try on shoes and wear them as you check out the clothes.

Stock Days

Find out when new stock comes in.

Check Affluent Neighborhoods

These have better quality, often designer clothes.


Using cash can help you negotiate.


Stick to the list.


Inspect the garment for wear and tear.


Shop online first if you are starting out.

Use these tips to buy second hand clothing and get some fabulous items at amazing prices.


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