3 Things to Look For in Real Estate Partners


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There are many factors to consider when searching for American real estate partners and knowing your goals ahead of time will make you better prepared. Real estate ranges from billboards to storage unit facilities, from duplexes to golf courses, and finding the ideal American real estate partners is tough. It takes diligence, patience and the ability to think and plan ahead. Regardless of whether you invest in commercial real estate or residential real estate, here are three things things to look for.

First is risk mitigation. If you are a real estate developer or investor, you want your American real estate partners to specialize in mitigating risks. That means they should be experts at research and determining where problems could arise. When necessary, they should emphasize control of properties rather than ownership. They should support the use of trusts and they should be legally protected from frivolous lawsuits

The second aspect to look for is transparency. Your American real estate partners should be transparent with you in all that they do. Purchase and sale agreements, agreements with contractors, profit and loss statements and the details of each and every transaction should be available. They could and should be held accountable for every cost whether planned for not.

A final, but no less important factor when considering American real estate partners, is their ability to get low cost properties. If they cannot purchase or control properties at discount, it means they are risking investment dollars on appreciation. Betting on appreciation is how many investors get burned and speculating is not investing. The ability to buy well below the fair market value ensures that you can always sell the property.

Find American real estate partners that you like, trust and want to work with. They need you just as much as you want them. Ignore the previous advice at your own peril.

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