Don’t You Want Your Money Right Now? Here’s How You Can Get It Today

Almost everyone in the world worries about money, and rightfully so; as the world’s population grows exponentially and the average human lifespan increases concurrently, more and more people have good enough reasons to fear living longer than the money with which they have to support themselves. With that, certain people end up with more money […]

4 Reasons to Use Cash

In a digital world, receiving cash in your business can seem like a hassle. However, it is extremely necessary to still accept cash along with credit cards and PayPal and any other types of payment that your business allows. If you do not accept cash, especially if you have a store front business, you are […]

4 Tips for Getting Cash for a Annuity Now

So, you have won a lottery or a large lawsuit, now what? Most lottery jackpots pay their winners one lump sum and then follow that with annual payments. A Mega Millions $5 millon jackpot winner should expect to receive one check for about $750,000 followed by 29 annual payments. Each will be about 5% more […]

The Benefits of Implementing a Data Management Solution

Did you know that inaccurate or poor data usage costs businesses in the United States approximately $600 billion per year? As a result, businesses must be able to effectively manage their data by implementing a data management solution. Data management can often be difficult and time-consuming, though, so data quality management services are able to […]

The Aftermath of the Holiday eCommerce Crunch

Has eCommerce been bitten by its own success? According to ABQJournal, this might have been the case over the holiday season. Most retailers participated in delivery promises and promotions throughout December, and businesses that provide shipping solutions saw a dramatic increase in demand. Many consumers, though, were left empty-handed and angry when Christmas arrived and […]