Mistakes That Are Costing You Money on Your Electric Bill


You may think that you know everything there is to saving money. However, there are many people who think the same thing and are making common mistakes that are costing them money on their electrical bill. Could you be one of these people? Find out by watching this video.

The first common mistake is not closing the fridge door all the way. Many times, people forget to close the door and it remains open a tad bit for hours at a time.

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This is plenty of time for warm air to leak into the fridge. It may not be enough to spoil your food, but it is certainly going to make that fridge work harder. In the end, this mistake will cost you on your electrical bill. This is especially true if it happens periodically.

Another common mistake is forgetting to clean your refrigerator coils. They could be running very inefficiently if you have not cleaned them in a while. Local electricians and contractors generally recommend cleaning such coils twice a year. This will lead to cost savings in the end. For more common mistakes and how to fix them, watch the rest of this video.


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