Getting Title and Registration Loans


Loans and other forms of borrowing money are common facets of adult American life, and various loans such as home mortgages, college student loans, and car title loans are out there for anyone who is interested in financing a venture or item. Auto title loans are one way that customers can try and borrow money based on their car’s value if other forms of money lending are not feasible or available, and in the state of Arizona, registration loans are also an option for car owners who need quick money. One should be aware of the potential advantages and risks of car title loans and the like, and how often debts build up in American life. Searching for “registration loans near me” in Arizona can yield quick results.

Debt and American Life

Adult Americans often take out personal loans to finance their various ventures or newly purchased items, or even just for mundane uses. Among all reasons Americans take out loans, the most common one is vehicle expenses at 31%, paying bills at 26%, and personal emergencies at 21%. Personal loan totals can vary wildly, from a low of $50 to over $200,000, but it has been determined that the average is closer to $7,576. And with 69% of Americans having under $1,000 saved up for emergencies, it is clear why they often take out loans. And for cars and trucks in particular, debts and borrowing are practically the norm. 44% of Americans rely on borrowed money or financing plans for their vehicles’ expenses, and in the year 2017, to serve as an example, Americans owed a grand total of $568.6 billion for their vehicles, over half a trillion dollars for cars and trucks. It is little wonder that many financing plans and loans are out there, ready and waiting for customers. In fact, a total of 107 million Americans are paying off auto loans, an all-time high figure. For those interested, a title loan or registration loans are a way to get quick money based on a car’s value. Why get a title or registration loan?

Car Loans

Citizens of the state of Arizona can search for “title loans near me” or even “registration loans near me” to find a loan based on their car’s value. It should be noted that “registration loans near me” only apply to Arizona residents, although car title loans can be found nearly anywhere. Title loans are one option for any American car owner to consider, according to Nerd Wallet. Car title loans are simple: anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 can be borrowed in exchange for offering one’s car title as collateral to the lender, although borrowers should be aware of exactly what they are getting themselves into. After finding a car title loan location, the borrower takes his/her car and its title there and applies for the loan (which will not require proof of income or credit scores). In as little as half an hour, the loan process may be complete, and the loan is secured by the lender holding onto the car title as collateral until the loan is fully repaid, plus interest.

Single-payment loans made in this manner can have an APR of around 300%, and the loan should be repaid in a single lump sum within 30 days of the borrowing. By contrast, installment loans are made in installments, hence the name, and are repaid over the course of three to six months, with an average APR of 259%. However, these interest rates may be considered very high by most, and if the loan is not repaid on time, the car may be repossessed. And often, borrowers end up renewing their loan several times, entering a debt cycle, and with the fees associated with each loan, the expenses can rack up fast. Most people who take out car title loans will renew it at least once, and one in three borrowers will take out seven or more loans.

For those interested, searching for “registration loans near me” in Arizona can yield a lender for such a loan, where the borrower can borrow money even if car payments are still being made, and the maximum that can be borrowed is $2,500, lower than the huge upper limits of car title loans.

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