Home Reno for Dummies: Which Renovations Yield the Highest Return


When choosing a home renovation project to do, it’s a good idea to look into one that will be affordable or that will give you the best returns. Even if it’s a master bedroom remodel, there are renovation solutions that can make it faster and more worth your while to do. Look into these and choose the best renovation partners so that you can be sure of the quality of the outcome you get.

High-end remodeling can help you add a luxurious touch to your home. For this, you should be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of money. If you want to make sure that you get the best possible outcome, you could also search online for “built to last renovations” and have a look at what the results suggest. You could find both professionals and suggested projects to work on and thus have an easier time with your project.

Make sure to plan for the project well, whatever you choose to do. This is going to help you get a clear outline of the renovation. When you know the steps that you need to follow and the details of what you need to do, it may be easier for you to get it done with minimal hassle.

Household renovation procedures aren’t usually just about increasing a home’s overall value. People might not be planning on selling their houses for a while. If a house has a problem, renovating it might give people the chance to comfortably live there for a longer period of time. They essentially end up remodeling the house because they’re trying to avoid the process of moving. Other people will want to renovate the house because they actively want to move, which should help demonstrate how complicated someone’s motives might be in this situation.

They’re sometimes interested in real estate restoration because they like the look of older houses personally. A mid century modern remodel is also an option for people who would rather update certain homes. Some people might try new practice remodeling. They should think about their goals for their homes and try to make some renovation plans from there.

Luxury home renovation ideas can be useful even for people who do not have luxury homes. They can find a less expensive way to try to incorporate some of these plans into the designs of their own houses. That might affect the renovation schedule, but the repairs could be efficient.


When you’re considering major home improvement projects, you’ll likely need to prioritize certain things. If you have the money, doing a full remodel can transform your home. However, the average cost of full kitchen remodel can be extremely expensive on its own. You should narrow down your focus to one room at a time. Consider the average cost of a new kitchen remodel as you make your plans. Can you afford a full kitchen makeover? If you can’t, narrow down your options even more. The average cost of kitchen cabinet remodel is cheaper than doing the whole room, yet it can make the kitchen look much better. Start with that, then move on to other aspects of the room as you have the time and money.

While the average cost of a kitchen is expensive, there are ways to make it cheaper. Consider buying used items that are still in good shape. This will let you spend much less money on this part of the kitchen so you can put it toward something else that you want to buy.

When you have a condo that you think could be improved, you may want to get condo renovations to change the look, layout, or functionality of the home. Getting a new bathroom can make the condo more convenient for everyone, and it can raise the price of the house as well. When you look at all home remodelers in your area, you need to research their reputations before you choose one.

When you get your condo renovated, you’ll also want to have amazing home decor to add to the condo’s good looks. This is the perfect time to shop for new decor so that the whole condo has a new look and feel. When you’re looking at new decor pieces, be sure to look at the color, size, and texture of each piece to see whether it really goes with the other items you have in the home.

Getting amazing home remodeling is a great way to make your condo work well for you and your lifestyle. You may have an expanding family or simply need a different layout for your convenience. With a good remodeling job done, you can get more enjoyment from your experiences in your condo.

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Renovations are not a simple task, but they are often necessary. A home can store countless memories that may be necessary to let go of to get a house ready for a sale or upgrade it to make it more comfortable and conducive for people to live. While small-scale projects can easily be DIY projects, it is best to seek professional help before starting a larger-scale project. For example, seeking the advice of a design-build contractor can help a homeowner understand what changes are possible and which aren’t.

Searching for specific services is crucial while renovating. Technology has made a lot of information and services easily accessible. While looking for ideas online, there are many places where people can typically get inspiration, like magazines and videos. For more unconventional methods, however, a homeowner may search for a bathroom remodel startup or even a bathroom renovation app to help get them started.

It also helps to peruse different remodeling companies to discover the numerous services available. A quick search for a bathroom renovation business or various bathroom remodeling websites can provide many results. Try reading ratings and reviews before settling for a company. Even though they may not seem conventional, they can be beneficial.

Home renovation is not a simple task, especially when it is a large-scale project. Researching the best ways to renovate your home is essential. It gives you all the necessary information before you begin the project.

Remodeling a home can be sentimental. Every room and piece of furniture holds a memory. However, the old often needs to go. Finding a great home remodeling company is the best way to remodel a house. You can also be more specific and design the home to your taste and budget.

Be specific while researching. For example, search for bathroom remodelers instead of home remodelers. It will help narrow down your search and provide better results. Your project may also be specific to commercial purposes. In such a case, a search like best renovations for flipping a house may work best.

If you live on a commercial property, you might seek to increase its value. For such a project, seek the best renovation to increase house value. Contact a professional for advice. For large-scale projects, it is essential to seek professional help. Contact a home remodeling company today.

A garage door installation can take four to six hours. However, installing a garage door replacement that is applicable to the present framework is typically easier. Give your bathroom design a lift with some motivational bathroom repair ideas. If you want to modernize your dated space, browse for bathroom restoration ideas or bathroom pictures. You can choose from a wide range of options on the internet. According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly half of bathroom renovators in 2019 opted to DIY their project. This is despite how difficult and elaborate bathroom remodels have become because they wanted to redo my bathroom cheap.

For a large-scale remodel, you’ll need to hire a licensed professional. Labor, tile work and plumbing are typically the most expensive aspects of a bathroom remodel. Although these regions are excellent, other factors, such as plan modifications, and a shower, might increase the budget based on your preferences. For affordable bathroom renovations, shop for inexpensive alternatives, choose your wall art wisely, and ensure you always opt for quality bathroom flooring.

What is home renovation? Renovation enhances the appearance, structure, and value of a damaged, old, or broken property.
People can make minor changes, like painting a house or changing seats independently, but seeking professional help is essential. Opt for remodeling companies with an excellent track record and reputation.

Do some research to come up with some great remodeling ideas for homes. Find out what renovations will add value, especially for commercial properties, and focus on that.
When renovating an old house where to start can be a bit of a challenge. The task is enormous, especially since so many need fixing or replacing. Choosing to start with the interior might be best so that it is comfortable and safe to live in while you work your way outside.
A renovation package can allow you to get a property remodeled at a bargain. However, be careful while choosing renovation packages. Make sure you love the look and item choices and that the price is pocket-friendly.
Renovations can be challenging, but having the correct information like the required permits, designs, and average costs makes it more manageable. These details can generally make the process less stressful.

Renovation is a concept that describes the operations that improve the interior and external appearance of a property by repairing damaged components, painting, or adjusting certain areas without necessarily altering the layout through renovation companies such as ‘At Home Blinds and Decor’. A blind installation service that involves blinds and decor allows for the adjustment of windows for increased aesthetic value while also minimizing the amount of light entering the property.

Are blinds window treatments?

Yes. Blinds, shades, and shutters are all considered ‘hard treatments.’ Window treatment is modifying a window to enhance the appearance of the space or window. By using hinges, treatments may be mounted to the outside or inside the windows. Blinds are often composed of metal louvers or plastic louvers. They are often used to control the amount of light entering a home or prevent others from seeing inside a room.

A bathroom may be customized by installing bathroom blinds or curtains resistant to moisture and humidity while also providing seclusion. Compared to curtains, bathroom blinds and shades such as aluminum blinds and vinyl roller shades are more popular and suggested since they are more robust and less prone to cracking and chipping.


It may be important to ask: what is house renovation? Renovations are subtly different from remodeling projects. When you renovate a house, you’re restoring it. Older houses that were damaged might get renovated. After the renovation project has been finished, those houses will be in good condition again. However, they won’t look like modern homes.

A house that’s been completely remodeled will be structurally different, and it will usually have some new features. The ‘ design build remodeling‘ projects might vary, but technicians will change a house when they remodel it. They won’t just repair the house. A professional who designs home renovations will try to make the house look like it did when it was new.

It’s certainly possible to renovate a home and still make some other changes to it. The best home repair magazine might offer some guidelines on making these modifications. You might decide that you want the house to have a few modern characteristics once it’s been finished. However, you won’t have to change everything about the house to make that possible. Some houses may need to be remodeled and not renovated, especially if they’ve been substantially damaged. It’s also possible to update houses using different strategies.

When your bathroom isn’t a place that you want to be, it may be that you need a bathroom renovation to make it more pleasant to spend time in. Remodeling today is all about the materials that you use, and there are many great materials that can be used in a bathroom. Because bathrooms have counters, the materials for the countertops is a big decision. Make sure that in your renovation and design you are taking the countertops into account, as they may be one of the more expensive things in your remodel. Other expensive items may include the flooring, the sink and any tile used on the walls and shower.

For a comprehensive renovation interior design project, make sure that you collect a lot of ideas from various places. Look through a lot of pictures so that you come up with all of the ideas that you want to include in your design. You might consult with a contractor or a designer to finish off your plans. In single family home remodeling, keep in mind the use of the room. Who will be using it? What will they want from it when they’re there? You may need more storage or a better floor.

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Doing a renovation is a hassle. It needs planning. In the planning, several key factors should be looked into before starting the process. What is the reason for the renovation? Is the commercial renovation permitted legally? In addition to that, you need to consider the budget put in place for the process. Is the renovation cost affordable? It is important to select a company with successful complete renovation projects for your commercial renovation.

What Makes Good Home Redesign Companies?

When building or remodeling your home, it is advisable to have experienced home project contractors. They ensure you get the desired qualities in your home. Knowledgeable home project contractors will have a list of projects to show as evidence of their work. Clients also refer to other clients, increasing the number of projects to handle. To get the best home remodel design ideas, visit different home redesign companies’ websites. There are various online platforms you can get home remodel inspiration. What changes would you want to make in your home? How much will it cost you? The affordability of the charges of remodeling should be within your budget. Good home redesign companies are responsive to clients’ inquiries on the process. Such companies provide a list of complete projects on their profile to give clients more ideas on different remodeling designs.


The home improvement industry is really big business, and for good reason: whether you’re focused on improving your home for your own needs or trying to sell at a higher price, home renovation is essential. But between roofing services and DIY projects, the world of home improvement can also be complicated. If you’re unsure where to start, this short guide on home renovation for dummies will get you going in the right direction.

In 2018 alone, most homeowners spent somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 on home improvement projects. Don’t let that figure frighten you — you don’t have to spend that much if you don’t have that kind of money, and there are definitely options for smaller investment budgets. M Abe the best place for you to start would be with routine gutter cleaning, or perhaps it’s time to have the HVAC system inspected. However, for most homeowners, the main question isn’t how much money you can or should spend: it’s which renovations yield the highest return on investment. That’s the question that this guide to home renovation for dummies will attempt to answer.

Whether your needs and goals, there’s a home renovation project and plan for you. From kitchen upgrades to  concrete and asphalt paving, to help you figure out where your money should be invested, keep reading this article on home renovation for dummies.

Home Renovation for Dummies: A Quick-Start Guide

Before we get into the home improvements that yield the highest return on investment, it’s important to get an overview of your home improvement options. This will help you make the best, most informed decision possible for you.

home renovation tips for beginners

Investments to Consider If You Plan to Stay in Your Home

For most of this article on home renovation for dummies, we’ll be discussing what improvements to make if you intend to sell. But maybe you’re undecided about whether you sell your home or not, or you’re going to be living in your current home for a couple of years yet. If that’s the case, then any project that adds square footage to your home is usually viewed as the best possible investment in your family’s enjoyment of your house.

Technically any improvement made to your home can result in a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable living experience for your family. But if you simply need extra space to keep from tripping over one another, adding an addition to your home might be the way to go. Besides allowing you all to enjoy your home more while you’re in it, the extra square footage will allow you to add to your asking price if you ever decide to sell.

If you’d like to have more living space right now, but you do intend to sell in the near future and want the best ROI possible, focus on remodeling unused areas. The most common examples are turning your unused attic or unfinished basement into functional living spaces. Besides giving you more convenience while you’re still living there, you could recoup as much as 98% of your investment.

Highest-Value Home Improvements for Sellers

When you’re specifically improving your home to boost its sale value, your focus should be on getting the most bang for your buck. In other words, spend as little as you possibly can to increase your home’s value as much as you possibly can. Obviously, this doesn’t mean buying cheap materials or tricking potential buyers into thinking your home is worth more than it is. What it does mean is opting for investments that generally don’t cost too much, but still mean a lot to prospective buyers.

Improvements that offer high value in return for small investments usually involve things that enhance curb appeal, modernize the kitchen or bathroom, and create a more impressive entrance to your home. We’ll get into what these best home improvements are in more detail later.

Invisible Home Improvements

“Invisible” home improvements aren’t necessarily invisible in a literal sense. Instead, this term refers to all home maintenance and improvements that don’t typically mean much to home buyers. Replacing your heating and cooling unit, getting a new septic system, or upgrading your hot water heater may improve the quality of your home, but not usually in such a way that attracts notice from would-be buyers. People looking for homes to buy simply aren’t interested in paying more for better appliances like these, even if they’re brand new.

However, this rule comes with a caveat: home buyers may not be particularly interested in newer or better HVAC or water systems, but they will expect them to be in good working condition. If your water heater barely works and your air conditioner doesn’t keep the house cool, it’s going to be in your best interests to solve these problems before selling. In this instance, you aren’t adding to your home’s value — you’ve merely maintained the value it already has. Ignoring problems like this could cause serious inconvenience for you down the road.

There is one invisible improvement you can make that sometimes increases a home’s value: replacing the roof. Even though a new roof isn’t exactly a showpiece, it can boost a home’s value, especially if your current roof is approaching 20 years old. Later, as we get into more detail on home renovation for dummies, we’ll come back to this aspect of home improvement.

Home Improvements to Avoid If You Intend to Sell

This guide to home renovation for dummies focuses mainly on the best home improvement projects for ROI. But just like there are several projects that are recommended because of their high return, there are others that you should specifically avoid because they don’t increase your home’s value that much.

Some of these less profitable projects include adding a backyard patio, adding on an upscale master suite, and getting an upscale major kitchen remodel. These upgrades each come with an expected ROI of around 50%. That’s not bad, and we will mention these renovation options in detail later on. But if you’re working with a limited budget, you should focus your attention on improvements that give a higher return.

If you’re planning on living in your current home for a good while yet, you should feel free to invest in whatever home improvements will maximize your enjoyment of your home. But if getting a better sale price is most important to you, stay away from these costly, low-return investments. Keep reading this guide to home renovation for dummies to learn what home improvements we actually recommend.

Home Renovation for Dummies: Top 15 Projects for ROI

From replacing the garage door to replacing the roof, these are 15 of the best home improvements in terms of ROI, listed in order of potential value.

Garage Door Replacement

Hiring garage door services to renovate your garage probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about valuable home improvements. But with an average job cost of $3,470 according to CheatSheet.com, you stand to earn as much as 98.3% back on your investment. That means this is one of the few home improvements where you can get back almost exactly as much as you spend. You might even turn a small profit if you manage to find a nice-looking door at a discounted price.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

As you probably guessed from learning about garage door replacement, curb appeal is worth big bucks to home buyers. In fact, the desire for curb appeal is so strong that some people might not even stop to look at your house if they don’t like how it looks from the road. One cost-effective way to boost your home’s curb appeal is to have manufactured stone veneer added on to your home’s exterior. Building with real stone is difficult and expensive, but a manufactured stone veneer gives the same effect at a smaller cost. And as a result, you could earn more than 97% back on your investment.

Front Door Replacement

Once again, curb appeal is important to home buyers. Your entryway door offers the most significant first impression to visitors, and investing in one that’s solid and attractive is worth every penny. You can find and install an expensive-looking door for as little as $1,500, then recoup about 91% of your investment.

Wood Deck Addition

Good deck contractors are in high demand, and for good reason: home buyers are keen to find a house with plenty of space for entertaining visitors, and an outdoor wood deck is a perfect spot for guests. While a nice, high-quality deck can cost you as much as $10,000 or more, the upgrade will boost your home’s value enough to almost cover the entire cost.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

If you’ve done any research about home improvements at all, you know that kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular improvements to make. In an advanced kitchen remodel, you might replace everything from countertops to cabinets. However, that won’t get you the best return on your investment. A minor kitchen remodel is your best bet: refurbished cabinets, upgraded appliances, and perhaps new flooring, as well as new hardware and light fixtures if yours are looking dated. Even something as simple as new paint for the walls could be the refreshed look your kitchen needs. You can expect to recoup as much as 81% of your investment in minor kitchen remodels.

New Siding

As all professional landscapers know, curb appeal is key to making a home attractive. On that note, if the siding on your home is worn or outdated, having it replaced could be the facelift your home needs to sell itself. You can expect a return of up to %76.7 on your investment in new siding.

New Windows

Replacement windows don’t just make your home look better. They also help keep your energy costs down by providing enhanced insulation. Because of this, getting window replacement services can be a good idea even if you don’t plan to sell right away. If you do sell, you can earn 74% back from your investment in new windows.

Accessible Bathrooms

More often than not, people looking to buy their own home are starting to get on in years. And as people get older, they begin to look out for accessible bathroom features, such as walk-in showers with support bars and wheelchair accessibility. Any minor upgrades that can provide enhanced comfort and safety to aging residents is a good idea, with a potential ROI of around 70%.

Full Bathroom Remodel

As real estate agents like to point out, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. While a bathroom remodel isn’t necessarily cheap or simple, home buyers value that kind of upgrade, and you can earn back 70% of what you put in.

Roof Replacement

As mentioned briefly earlier, getting a roof replacement before selling your home will make your offer that much more attractive to prospective buyers. No one wants to have to replace the roof on the house they just bought, so they’ll be sure to pay attention if they see “new roof” on your home listing.

Enhancements to the Front Entrance

We already talked about replacing the front door as being good for boosting curb appeal. If you have a little more money to invest, you can go all out by adding glass side panels and new light fixtures, transforming your front entryway. It makes a good first impression and leaves a big impact.

Bathroom Addition

Adding another bathroom or powder room to your house can really boost its appeal, especially on floors where there isn’t a bathroom yet. You can recoup almost 60% of your investment when you add on an extra bathroom in a strategic spot.

Major Kitchen Remodel

Unlike a more limited kitchen remodel, a major remodel will only bring you back around 59% of your total investment. But sometimes completely gutting the kitchen and starting from scratch is necessary. Fortunately, you will earn a good percentage of your investment back, even with a full remodel.

Master Suite Addition

People buying their own home usually want to see a full master suite, rather than just another cramped bedroom. A spacious bedroom with walk-in closets and a full bathroom can set you back a pretty penny, but you’ll also earn around 56% back when you sell.

Backyard Patio

By now we’re getting into upgrades with an ROI of under 50%, but if you have plenty of money to invest and you want your home to fetch the highest price possible, installing a backyard patio could be a good idea. Backyard upgrades in general are a good idea because they offer space for new home buyers to entertain visitors of their own. Adding things like a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or sliding glass doors can help you get more back on your investment.

As you can see from this guide to home renovation for dummies, home improvement can really be simple. From bathroom remodeling services to custom made countertops, hopefully, you found this content on home renovation for dummies was inspiring and informational.

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