How an Accident Attorney Calculates a Settlement


If you have recently been in an accident, you could be wondering what your case is worth. This Youtube video describes the process an accident attorney goes through when determining the settlement amount in a personal injury case.

Pain and suffering are difficult define, so oftentimes they can stem from general damage, such as emotional damage from a difficult break-up or a sports player being unable to participate in their beloved pastime. There are two categories of pain and suffering.

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Actual pain and discomfort including current and physical limitations is one category, whereas emotional or psychological trauma is another category.

A personal injury lawyer’s job is to calculate what your pain, physical or emotional, is worth in a court of law. To do this, they can sum up doctor’s fees, loss of wages, and damages to property. This isn’t always easy since mental pain or trauma can’t be easily quantified. Future pain and suffering have to be estimated as well, so you must be able to prove your suffering through a psychiatrist, journal, and personal attestation. A journal can help you honestly and openly keep track of your journey, and can be useful in court.

To find out more about how an accident attorney determines what your pain and suffering are worth, speak to a lawyer near you!


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