Questions to Ask a Tax Preparation Service Before Hiring


Do you want someone to file your tax return for you? While anyone with a P.T.I.N. or preparing tax identification can file for your tax returns, choosing the right one of the tasks is crucial.

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Here are some questions you need to ask before choosing the right tax preparation service.

What types of clients do you work with? It is essential to ask this question because different types of tax professionals specialize in various kinds of the industry while others have a more diverse clientele. Also, it is to ensure that they provide the best tax preparation service for your business.

Are you available year-round? If you get a notice from a tax agency, you want your tax preparation service to be available on time to ensure everything is addressed. You want them around to assist you anytime you need help.

How’s your experience with the I.R.S.? This will give you a better idea of their experiences in I.R.S. It gives you a good insight on whether they can represent someone because of their experienced history with tax agencies or just someone who isn’t as good as advertised and will only cause you headaches when dealing with tax agencies.

How do you bill your tax preparation service? Ask whether you need to pay upfront or do you need to put down a deposit or do you pay at the end of the service.


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