Sensible Upgrades for Your Office Space


Chances are that you already feel drained at your workplace. Not only because of the workload, but also because of the restrictive environment. Perhaps your office is not optimized to ensure that you enjoy working there and portray the same to outsiders.

If that is the case, then you may want to make some sensible upgrades to make your time at work more bearable, seeing as you spend a good part of your day there.

The following are some of the upgrades.

Place your Computer Screen Strategically

You probably hunch over when sitting in front of your computer. This could be because you have a really low desk or a bad chair, but it could also be because your monitor is not placed in the correct position. The thing is that your monitor should not be too high or too low.

It should be at eye level so that you can keep your back and neck straight when working. Don’t worry if you are using a laptop either. A USB keyboard should serve you just fine when you place the laptop in the ideal position.

Get a Comfortable Chair

Having a comfortable and ergonomic office chair cannot be over-emphasized. That is because you need to sit right to avoid tampering with your posture. Now, you probably think that a good chair should have a lot of cushioning, but that is not necessarily the case.

An office chair that conforms to the natural curvature of your spine and is adjustable would be the right choice. Ideally, the chair should also have armrests to support your forearms and a bit of padding to cushion your back.

Improve Natural Lighting

Do you know how vital it is to get some sunlight? Some studies even show that being exposed to natural light significantly improves energy and creativity as well as overall productivity. Natural lighting also helps clear your mind and improve your mood.

That means that you should consider having large windows that will let in the light. However, this is not always possible, especially if the office is already built. As such, you can always have your windows open to let in maximum light.

If your office has a balcony as well, you can get commercial glass contractors to install glass doors that will facilitate illumination.

Get Office Decorations

You can bring a feeling of calmness to your office by having natural pieces of decoration. These include indoor plants and flowers. For instance, ferns bring outdoor greenery to your space, while cacti add some color.

If you want something easy to grow, a spider plant would do and, since plants and natural light are believed to be mood boosters, you are certainly going to experience increased productivity.

Stress Balls

Stress is common when you are at your workplace. With heavy workloads and tight deadlines, you simply cannot avoid it. Nevertheless, you can do something to bring your stress levels down. Having a stress ball at your desk can help you do that.

You can even get a few of them with different firmness levels to match your feelings. Stress balls are usually made of a non-stick fabric on the outside and a gel core that you will find extremely satisfying to squeeze.

Reduce Clutter

Perhaps you don’t know this, but clutter affects your productivity, and not in a good way. In that regard, you may want to eliminate all the clutter in your office. For instance, you can get a cabinet to accommodate all your paperwork. However, the best thing to do would be to enlist data center construction services to keep your information in one place and easily accessible.

It is also important to de-clutter your shelves and get rid of any stuff that you no longer use. A stuffy office is certainly not an upgrade. Decluttering one is.

Add Some Color

You are probably a monochrome kind of person and that is fine, but single-colored themes can be quite boring. If you are looking to increase your productivity and make your office space more interesting, you can add a dash of color.

You don’t need to make the space look like a circus though. Simply add a few colored pieces like a flower vase or an accent chair. Such pieces can help you transform your office into a fun area where you can spend a lot of time without feeling depressed or confused.

Get Air Conditioning

The temperatures in your office need to be conducive regardless of the season. That is why you need to have an HVAC system installed. Of course, you will need commercial HVAC contractors to do the job for you.

Hang your Hardware

The average office space is not as large as you would want it to be. That means that you will probably not have enough room for your belongings. To save space and make your office more organized, you can install some hooks on the wall to hang your hardware.

It could be anything from your coat, small gadgets, and office supplies to cables.

Get a Desk Lamp

How would you like a desk lamp that can also be used to charge your phone? Genius, don’t you think? You can get one to do that. You also want to remember that lighting plays a key role when it comes to productivity, so it would be functional as well.

A desk lamp also helps in balancing the light from your laptop or any additional screens. This is particularly useful if you are often on video calls. If your exposure to natural lighting is not as much as you would want, a desk lamp would make up for that as well.

Get Proper Drainage

Your office should have a washroom. That is standard. However, you need to ask yourself if the drainage system is up to par. The last thing you want is to start looking for backflow preventer services to correct your water connection.

Get a Rug or Carpet

Your office space looks just fine as is, but think about what a colorful or patterned rug can add to it. Not only will it look stylish, but it will also be cozier and inviting.

A digging or carpet is also functional in that it will prevent slipping that may be caused by spillages, hence reducing such accidents at the office.

Get a Lawn Mower

One of the best ways to ensure that the exterior of your office space looks good is to get a lawnmower. With it, you can always trim the grass outside whenever the need arises. That also means you get to avoid costly commercial lawn services.

You can also get an automatic irrigator for your grass. Just ensure that it comes with an adjustable hose clamp to cover all the

corners where grass grows.


Get Cable Boxes and Hooks

If your office has things like a printer, telephone, or desktop, you will have cables lying all over the place. Aside from that not being a good appearance, it is also a safety hazard because you are likely to trip on the wires.

To counter that, you may want to get cable boxes or hooks to keep the cables from tangling and in one place. Not only will this make your space look organized, but it also reduces the likelihood of tripping accidents happening.

You can also label your cables easily when they are organized so that you have an easier time connecting them to power outlets.

Get a Vinyl Mat

If your office chair has wheels, you could certainly use a vinyl mat. Whether your office floor is hardwood, tiled, or carpeted, a vinyl mat underneath the wheels is a great idea. This is because the mat provides a flat surface for the wheels to swivel and roll while protecting the floor at the same time.

Such mats are ideal for spaces with rugs or carpets, knowing that wheels can sink in or get stuck. Look out for the underside of the mats though, as they can cause damage to the floor if they are spiked.

A Self-heating Mug

If you are like most people, a cup of tea or coffee gets you going and keeps you active throughout the day. But such beverages are best when taken hot. Most people cannot stand a lukewarm or cold cup of tea or coffee.

Why then, don’t you get yourself a self-heating mug to ensure that you have your beverages hot whenever you want to bring them?

Now, the best part is how easy it is to heat the beverage in the cup. Some self-heating mugs can be recharged via USB or through a smartphone app. How cool is that?

Install a Security System

Your office may be located in the safest area can never tell when a random security breach will occur. To counter that, you can get a commercial door service to automate the entering and exiting process.

Better still, you can get a burglar alarm. It will not only act as a security measure but as an upgrade as well.

Get a Microwave

Carrying homemade packed lunches is a great way to save money and avoid food poisoning, but most people don’t do it because they don’t fancy cold meals. You can turn that around by having a microwave in your office.

Not only will you get to save the money that would have been spent buying expensive lunches, but you also get to cut down on the time you spend going out for lunch. Ultimately, that also makes you eligible for work tax credits, which is a good thing.

Use Color-Changing Bulbs

Your office may lack enough lighting, especially if it was not originally designed to be the same. Preferably, your office should have ample natural lighting, but if it doesn’t, you can get a couple of bulbs into the mix.

Here’s the thing though, you won’t add ordinary bulbs. A couple of color-changing bulbs will not only help set the right mood but also make your space look sophisticated. Such lights can even play a part when it comes to decision-making.

The best part is that most of such light fixtures are rechargeable and cordless, making them portable.

Invest in a Room Divider

Perhaps your office space is just one big room and if you have several employees, that is not the ideal setting. You may also want to have a separate area, say for the microwave or water dispenser. You can get a room divider to help you with dividing the room.

Get a folding style divider that you can easily remove and adjust if you would like to change the look of your office often. If you would like a more permanent solution, something like a freestanding bookshelf instead of a stone wall would probably require you to invest in a costly wood truss.

Get the Music Going

Music can help you relax. It would therefore make sense to get a Bluetooth speaker for your office to whip out those tunes that bring out the best in you. However, as you consider this kind of upgrade, you want to keep in mind that the office is a working area that doesn’t need to be too loud.

If you are getting speakers, always ensure that the volume is at a reasonable level.

All the ideas on here are certainly going to be useful as far as upgrading your office space and improving your overall productivity. By personalizing your office space to meet your needs, you also get to make it a fun and comfortable place to be.Use one or more of the ideas and watch your office space transform into a convenient and aesthetically appealing place that is not only attractive to outsiders but you and your employees.


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