What Should I Put Down When Buying From Motorcycle Dealers?


Figuring out how much of a down payment you should put on a motorcycle is not the simplest thing in the world. That’s where motorcycle enthusiasts like ED Powersports come in to help figure that out with this video. So how much should you put down with motorcycle dealers?

How much you may end up putting down on a motorcycle has multiple factors that need to be accounted for. How is your credit? How much can you afford to put down? How expensive is the motorcycle you’re looking to buy? How much money do you earn, and how many expenses do you have? All of these and more are going to be factors for any motorcycle dealers.

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If you’re a first-time buyer, look into a smaller, cheaper motorcycle, if only to build credit, and work your way up to a more ideal purchase. It’s also safer for first-time buyers to look into this type of motorcycle.

You should look into putting down around 10-20%. This number will change depending on the above-mentioned circumstances; for example, if you have a bad credit score, they may want to see you put down more than 20 percent. Whatever you do, be mindful that you know what you’re buying and what you’re spending.

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