Who Is Douglas Fleit


Douglas fleit

In 2010 Brian Katz founded American Partners. This is an investment firm that brings together experienced and knowledgeable commercial real estate professionals. These professionals included people like douglas e. fleit who comes from the world of investment real estate.

Over the course of time the company that Douglas Fleit has proven that it can perform, even when times are tough. Since 2010 Douglas Fleit has actually been the leader of this company. Under the leadership of Douglas e fleit American Real estate Partners has acquired over 4.2 million square feet of high quality investment property, most of which is within the commercial sector.

Douglas Fleit has shown that his firm is committed to both knowledge and experience. Douglas Fleit himself has been involved in the real estate world for over 30 years, helping to found or cofound several firms during that time. He also served as the Executive Vice President of Cushman and Wakefield’s Commercial Brokerage Group, starting that company’s first operation in Northern Virginia in 1981. He’s also served in various other capacities within that company throughout his time there and thus is highly experienced.

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