Get an Auto Loan with a Bank You Can Trust

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Over 43% of adult Americans have an Auto Loan

When you are looking to buy a car, it can sometimes be difficult to fork over all of the cash right up front. You work hard for your money, you have other bills to pay, you have vacations you want to go on. We get it. Auto loans can be a great way for you to purchase a new or used vehicle without emptying your personal checking account. So just how do mortgage rates for a personal loan on cars compare right now? Of course, a portion of your interest rate (which you can estimate using a loan calculator) is going to be determined by your credit score. If you have a good credit score, 700 or above, the average mortgage rates for a car loan is between 4.77% and 5.35%. Typically, the average rate for an auto loan ranges from three to ten percent. That means right now is a pretty good time for an auto loan as it is on the lower end of the spectrum.

In addition to getting an auto loan, many banks and credit unions have great programs to get some extra benefits when you open a personal checking account. Those benefits can range from anything between a cash bonus to a lower interest rate on your car loan. Additionally, having a personal checking account with the same institution that you have a car loan with can help you avoid late payments and ensure you are always getting the best auto rates.

Other Factors In Car Loans

While getting hooked up with a personal checking account bonus might be nice, there are a few other things you should consider when getting a car loan. The interest rate is of course important. Here are some other items you should be familiar with: total loan amount, dealership financing add-on services, APR (annual percentage rate).

Calculating the total cost of purchasing a car is important. In addition to the cost of the car, there can be additional costs for warranty, upgrades, dealership financing costs, and state tax. Make sure you understand the total amount you need for your car loan, as that amount will have a big impact on the total interest you pay. Speaking of interest, it is also important to understand your APR, or annualized percentage rate, which may be different from your monthly interest rate.

The last thing to consider is the term of the loan and any special stipulations it might have. Just like credit card agreements, car loans can come with stipulations if you miss a payment or are late on a payment. Additionally, the term of the loan (how many months the loan is for) can drastically affect how much you pay each month and how much interest you pay overall. Using a loan calculator can help you determine the best route to take when getting an auto loan.


4 Reasons You Should Start Saving For Retirement As Early As Possible

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You may be thinking, “I’m so young, I don’t need to think about retirement right now.” That’s not really true. If you can, you should start saving for retirement as soon as possible, and here’s why.

You can retire sooner
Financial advisors will tell you that investment plans include spending less money than you earn and investing the difference. When you do that early on, you are increasing the odds of becoming financially independent at a young age. According to a recent survey conducted by MoneyRates.com, people who start saving for retirement in their 20s are 6% more likely to reach retirement by age 60 than people who waited to start saving in their 30s.

More time equals more money
It makes sense to say that the longer you stock money away, the more money you’ll have when retirement finally comes. This happens for a few reasons. One is that many companies offer a match on your retirement fund, especially if it’s for a 401(k). Another is that compounding interest lets your money grow. The longer you invest your money, the more time it has to grow, and the more money you’ll get back.

You will improve your spending habits
When you start putting away money from your paycheck every pay period and planning for retirement, you have less than you’re taking home. This can help you develop disciplined spending habits because you’re now focusing on a budget and cutting expenses. This means you have to stop impulse buying and other poor spending habits so you can save more for your retirement years. Financial advisors can help you with a budget if you struggle with creating one on your own.

Your quality of life will improve
Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’ll be safe and covered when it comes to retirement? When you start retirement planning and saving, you are reducing the risk of making reckless decisions in order to secure a stable retirement fund. You won’t have to be up all night worrying about what your life will be like when you stop working.

Approximately 22% of Americans state that failing to save for retirement is their biggest financial mistake. Don’t let it be yours. If you need help planning for retirement, contact us today. 


3 Ways Mobile Banking Can Make Your Life Less Stressful

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mobile banking servicesIn the digital age, just about everything happens in the online realm. That means businesses that fail to embrace technology will often get left behind. It’s no surprise, then, that most banks now offer mobile banking services to appeal to their customers’ needs. If you don’t use online and mobile banking services regularly, you may not quite understand the appeal. The truth is that these tools can actually reduce your financial stress. Here’s how mobile banking works:

  1. You’ll have less clutter: There were more than 69.5 billion debit card transactions recorded in 2015. If you use your bank debit card regularly, you might be used to getting a paper statement every month. But this practice is wasteful and often ineffective, as cardholders may misplace these statements or even throw them away without giving them a second glance. That can create a lot of stress when you can’t seem to find the information you need later on. Alternatively, you might feel like you have to hold onto every paper notice from your bank. When those statements pile up, you’ll end up with a lot of clutter — which can also cause anxiety. Being able to access your account records via your mobile device gives you peace of mind (and it helps the planet, too).
  2. You can track your finances anywhere, any time: While you should still save your receipts and balance your checkbook, most people want better access to their financial information. Being able to check your account balance without going to an ATM or making an account transfer with the touch of a button will ultimately help you keep track of your money much more effectively. As anyone who’s ever been subject to an overdraft fee or insufficient balance notification knows, what you don’t know can hurt you. But by being able to log in and view your bank account records from your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to improve your budgeting skills, make better financial decisions, and grow your wealth more easily — all of which will reduce your stress level.
  3. You can easily work banking into your schedule: It may not seem like a big deal to go to the bank every week — after all, countless Americans have done so for decades! — but it can take up a lot of your time. And if you live in a remote area, your banking options might have been limited to institutions in your immediate vicinity. These days, people want convenience and speed. Mobile banking services can usually save you from making a trip to the bank. For example, you can easily take a photo of a check and deposit it instantly, open a new account, or transfer funds to a different account with a bank’s mobile app or website. That means no rescheduling your day or rushing to make a deposit on your lunch hour. Even if you don’t live anywhere close to a local branch, you’ll still be able to access your money and utilize all of your account tools right from your phone.

Clearly, these mobile banking services make it much easier to control your finances, improve your budgeting habits, and obtain all the information you need. Before opening an account with a financial institution, make sure to check out their mobile banking offerings and ensure they’re up to your standards.


Payment processing account —- Free Video

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Oakland park florida realtor —- FREE VIDEOS

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International ecommerce account —- Watch Video

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Miami beach condos for sale —- Video

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