Basement Remodeling Trends and Tips


Homeowners that find themselves with a sizable amount of cash may consider a basement remodel. However, the whole process can result in a great many headaches.

They may, at first, attempt doing the whole thing themselves. Then they’ll be unable to do so for one or more understandable reasons. They won’t be able to locate instructions about the process that are of a high enough quality. If they do find this, it may be too complex for them to fully comprehend. There’s also the possibility of them making or being afraid of making costly mistakes while doing the remodel.

If any of these issues occur, the homeowners will likely turn to professional basement contractors. However, this strategy can also come with many problems. It is difficult to know which professionals are or are not trustworthy. They may overcharge their clients or do shoddy work. In the worst cases, hired workers might end up taking their clients’ money without doing any work at all.

Even when these bad scenarios don’t happen, there are still other issues homeowners must face. They may not have the knowledge to know what services they want. They may also not be able to afford the work that they want. Another third scenario is far worse. They may be charged high costs for services that it turns out they didn’t even want.

The guide below is designed to help those looking to remodel their basement lessen these typical issues. It will go over three major areas of basement remodeling: HVAC, concrete, and wiring. Each section will discuss the basics of the service, why it is necessary or useful, and what professionals in this service area can do.

This isn’t, of course, everything that needs to be taken into consideration when remodeling a basement. Those interested in the service should also look beyond this article to get a wide variety of information about this service. It should, however, at least give homeowners a great start in collecting the right information.


What Is ‘HVAC’?

This term is an acronym. It stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Essentially, the HVAC systems are the ones that keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Some special types are also able to filter indoor air to help you stay healthy. A system like this usually consists of a series of tubes that have been built behind or next to walls. Mechanisms within these bring in air from the outside. Allergens such as pollen or dust are removed from it with filters. Then, it is heated or cooled before being pumped through the pipes.

Why Are HVAC Services Necessary For Basement Remodeling?

If the air inside the home is not of a typical temperature, residents may feel too cold or hot while spending time inside. Air that is unfiltered and full of allergens can be a problem as well. Home residents who come into contact with this can suffer from allergy symptoms such as stuffy sinuses and fatigue. Both of these issues can cause great discomfort. An HVAC system exists to stop this from occurring.

Basements that have not been remodeled may not have a proper HVAC system. Homebuilders may not have considered installing one because residents don’t usually spend a lot of time in their basements. Thus, if house occupants do want to spend more time there, they should consider HVAC installation. If they don’t, the time that they spend in the basement will likely not be pleasant.

What Do HVAC Contractors Do?

Professionals who offer HVAC services are usually in charge of HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. They make sure that a home is equipped with a good-quality HVAC system. They will then help keep it in working order by checking its status frequently and repairing it when something breaks.

In the case of residential construction, HVAC services may be sought for two main reasons. A professional will be asked to install a new HVAC system if one doesn’t exist in a part of a building. Customers seeking services will have the ability to choose between different models of cooling and/or heating units. They will also be able to ask HVAC services to put the vents in the most convenient places in their home. If an HVAC system is already in place, professionals may be asked to replace damaged or old air conditioning units or vent systems with newer versions.

Good, reliable HVAC services typically have the following features. Their prices are not too low or high. The reviews from past customers are often very positive. They will offer customers a price estimate on-site and not over the phone. Legitimate certifications/licenses and large amounts of experience are also present. Prospective customers should be especially careful to look/ask for the latter online or over the phone.


What Is ‘Concrete’?

Concrete is a very strong and hard material. It is typically made of cement and aggregates (typically sand, gravel, and/or crushed rocks). In the makeup of buildings, it is used in a wide variety of areas. It is often a key part of floors and roads. Parts of a building that are designed to hold up a lot of weight (load-bearing) tend to also use concrete. These include columns and beams. Most individuals can identify this material by its light to dark gray color.

Why Are Concrete Services Necessary For Basement Remodeling?

Many elements of basements, such as the floors and walls, are made of concrete. Using this material for these elements makes sense for several reasons. As the basement is the lowest floor, its elements need a great amount of strength to hold up the floors above it. Beams and walls made of concrete are more likely to be able to accomplish this. Concrete basement floors and walls are also less likely to fall prey to the ruining elements of the dirt around the typical basement. These include mold and moisture.

When a homeowner wants to remodel their basement, they will often have to remove concrete walls and floors. This can be done to expand their basement’s area or to add new elements (such as electrical wires) into the space. Once their task is complete, they will need to replace the concrete elements. They can do this by first ordering the material from a concrete supplier. Then they can do all the work of pumping and finishing the concrete themselves. It is probably easier, however, to hire concrete contractors to do this work for them.

What Do Concrete Contractors Do?

Concrete contractors have a wide variety of different tasks and specialties. Some of them are involved in concrete pumping. This means that they operate the equipment that pours the concrete into the place where it is needed. A concrete finisher is a contractor who will add any necessary edges or decorations to the material as it dries. A concrete polisher will give concrete a shiny finish once it is completely set. In the case of concrete removal being needed, a contractor with the title of ‘concrete cutter’ will often be contacted. These often use diamond impregnated blades to cut through materials.

It is usually only large-scale construction projects that use specialists, however. For smaller residential projects, contractors that can perform all these functions are typically used. These professionals usually refer to themselves as concrete pourers or installers. As mentioned, they can assist in replacing concrete in basement walls and floors that was previously removed. They can also help add in walls if a basement remodel includes adding in new rooms.

Good concrete contractors usually have similar qualities to other service contractors. Previous customers typically have good opinions of them. You can find reviews online or ask the contractors for references you can call. They should have the correct licenses or certifications that are required for their service. Their prices shouldn’t be too low or high when compared to other services. They should also have a good amount of experience working on the type of task that you want them to complete.


What Is an Electrical System?

The electrical system of a home includes everything that distributes power through a residence. Without it, nothing that requires electricity, such as the lights and appliances, would work. Most of the wiring that carries energy has already been installed within the walls of a home and goes unseen. The visible parts of an electrical system are usually the ones that a resident interacts with. These include the outlets that devices are plugged into or the switches that turn on the lights. Service panels that can turn off large parts of the electrical systems at a time are a part of this as well.

Why Are Electrical Services Necessary For Basement Remodeling?

Certain parts of a basement may need to be rewired during a basement remodel. This can be necessary for many reasons. The owners may want to install new lights and switches. They may also need outlets in places that they weren’t before. Areas of the wiring may also need to be moved to make room for new features, such as a door or cubbyhole. If the system features are already in good locations, homeowners may consider changing them for other reasons. The equipment may be damaged or out of date. The original wiring may also have been installed wrong and needs to be repaired.

It’s not impossible for inexperienced individuals to change aspects of an electrical system themselves. However, there are many dangers associated with doing so. If a system isn’t properly shut down before being worked on, injuries resulting from electrical shock can occur. These can vary from mild to severe and may also result in death. Another danger to consider is one that results from installing an electrical system poorly. Wires that are not properly insulated can throw sparks. These can grow into large fires that can damage a home and kill the occupants.

For these reasons, it is not safe for most homeowners to fix their electrical systems themselves. They should instead look up different electrical companies and hire an electrician to perform these tasks.

What Do Electricians Do?

Electricians are the masters of the electrical system. They install all of the wiring, outlets, switches, lighting, appliances, and communication systems where they are needed in a building. When something’s wrong somewhere in the electrical system, they are sent to fix it. They may also perform different tests to make sure that it is working properly. Replacing parts of a system when they need to be updated is also a part of their job requirements.

Homeowners who are seeking an electrician typically do so for four main reasons. For the first reason, they need them to install something within their home such as a new light fixture. The second reason involves a part of the electrical system not working. Usually, in this case, an electrician is called to troubleshoot and fix the issue. The third case happens when they need a system installed in a new home they are building or an extended area of the home. Replacing certain parts of an old or broken electrical system is the fourth reason.

Finding good electrical companies and/or electricians can be an easy task. Many general construction contractors will have lists of good electricians. These can be provided on request. The best electricians have at least two years of experience and have all the knowledge of the National Electrical Code. Looking at an electrician’s previous work is another option to find a good one. Beyond that, a homeowner should seek out reviews of an electrical company from their previous clients. These can be obtained online or by asking the previous customers themselves.

A basement remodel may seem like an overwhelming task at first. Many of the features that make up a home’s construction can be complicated and confuse an individual with no knowledge of them. However, with enough careful research and the right helpers, a good job can be achieved.



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