Time to Exit a Timeshare? Read This!


This video has Dave Ramsey answering a question about selling a timeshare. Unfortunately, this is a bad time for timeshare owners. They are difficult to sell. However, people are selling timeshares on eBay for nominal amounts because they want to eliminate the annual fees.

In the video, Dave Ramsey states he could never find a way to sell timeshares until he found Timeshare Exit Team.

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The Timeshare Exit Team will get you out of your timeshare. However, it does come with a price. They charge a fee to get you out of your timeshare. They charge upfront but have a money-back guarantee if they cannot get you out of your timeshare.

Timeshares have little to no value, and there is no market for them. There is a 99 percent dissatisfaction with the industry. Some timeshare presentations provide misleading information to entice people to buy timeshares.

Timeshare Exit Team is the best in the industry, and Dave Ramsey advises that you do not talk to anyone else. He says they are the best and should be part of your timeshare exit strategy.

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