Everything You Should Know Before Your Bathroom Remodel


There are several areas in your home that determine its functionality. You have to be thorough with the efforts you put into improving and maintaining your home. Bathroom remodeling is among the many steps that you can take to keep your home functional and elongate its service delivery. But before starting your remodeling checklist, here is everything you should know and consider for better results.

Evaluate Your Finances

Every remodeling project is unique. This is not different from the bathroom remodeling project. It is important to evaluate your finances and create a sustainable budget before starting the project. Many features and fixtures define the right bathroom. You should note that with an effective evaluation of your finances, buying the right fixtures and features needed for the project becomes easier. You need the right estimate to create a budget and avoid straining your financial plan. You should understand that the budget you create will determine how successful the project will be.

As much as you might have cash at hand, the project needs can be financially overwhelming. Finding a funding alternative, therefore, becomes paramount. The availability of home loans in the market offers an alternative that you can consider. You should, however, look for the right lender to access the funds needed for the bathroom project. You can also consider buying homeowners insurance as it comes in handy during projects such as bathroom remodeling, especially when you have a tight budget or require financial aid. With the right insurance policy, you avoid straining your financial account for home improvement and remodeling needs, and it serves you exactly when you need it.

Evaluate Your Schedule

You should not make assumptions about the time you will spend remodeling and improving your bathroom. Most people assume it only takes a few days for the renovation project to complete, leading to failures in the end. Before your bathroom remodeling work begins, ensure that you create and evaluate your schedule. You don’t want to have a short and restricting period or schedule that is too long and inconvenient. You need to define the remodeling duration by putting different variables into consideration. An effective bathroom remodeling project involves several steps to be keen on when creating and evaluating your schedule.

You should also understand that the time set and duration you give the contractor will determine the project’s results. The bathroom remodeler gives the best work when they have enough time to handle the project. Planning for bathroom remodeling can take a big toll on the contractor as the homeowner. With steps such as ordering and purchasing, fixtures, cabinets, or tiles involved, you should be keen on your schedule. Consider working with a custom home builder who can help you create and evaluate your bathroom remodeling. You will have a flexible schedule at the end that allows you to complete the project with ease.

Have a Thorough Inspection Done

Several reasons call for a homeowner to consider bathroom remodeling. Repair and maintenance needs are among the noticeable reasons. Suppose damage or repair needs compel you to consider bathroom remodeling. In that case, you should start with conducting thorough inspection in and outside your house to understand how best to solve the issues. You want to increase the project’s success rate and hence the need to understand where the problem lies. You will increase the area’s attractiveness through bathroom remodeling and improve the structural integrity of your house. You must understand how the remodeling project will improve your bathroom, making inspection an important aspect to consider before starting.

When you have a thorough inspection done on your bathroom, you will identify plumbing problems and other noticeable issues that can negatively influence the improvement efforts. Broken drainage or sewer pipes, mold and mildew growth, and old electrical wiring systems are among the issues you will identify and fix after a thorough inspection. You will also reduce the cost of operation when you have plumbers handle the plumbing issues before the remodeling work starts. You will find it easier to create a sustainable budget before the project when you know problems that need handling first.

Understand Your Design Style

Everyone desires to have a bathroom designed to meet their needs and suit their taste. So, before starting the remodeling project, ensure that you understand your design style. Your contractor will only give out the best results when they understand what you desire. It is important to consider faucets, paint color, vanities, showerheads, and tile choices before the remodeling work. You need information and knowledge about the types of fixtures and features that will make your bathroom functional and attractive. To avoid getting overwhelmed, you should research and gather relevant information. You can also consider consulting or working with an interior designer and find it easier to understand the design style that suits your needs.

When you understand your design style, you will also put effort into a project that will serve you and your loved one for a long time to come. If you feel unsatisfied with fixtures such as tubs, showerheads, or a medicine cabinet, the chances that you will spend more money on replacements are higher. You should also be keen on a design style that will make your bathroom attractive and more functional. Be considerate of the people who will use the bathroom when choosing a design style, especially if your home has senior citizens or children. You want to invest in a bathroom remodeling project that suits and makes everyone in your home comfortable.

Pay Attention to Plumbing Fixtures and Features

You should note that a larger part of your bathroom contains plumbing fixtures and features. In simple terms, your bathroom remodeling project will not be complete without the right fixtures and features. Before you engage in the remodeling work, ensure that you have all the necessities. This is vital to avoid the confusion and stress of looking for a particular fixture or feature in the market for the project to continue. The chances of failing to meet your project objectives are higher when you lack the right plumbing fixtures and features.

For a modern bathroom remodeling project, create a checklist for plumbing fixtures such as showerheads, sink, toilet, faucets, and bathtubs. Shower doors and mirrors are also the features that you should consider and include in your checklist before starting the remodeling project. Even when you consider countertop install, the right plumbing fixtures and features will make it easier to meet your goals. Work with a reputable remodeling contractor to help you understand and create an effective checklist of the needed fixtures and features.

Find a Remodeling Contractor

The success of your bathroom remodeling project depends on the contractor you hire and work with. As much as you have the best plan in place, you still need the skills and expertise of a remodeling contractor for implementation. Before you start the project, find a remodeling contractor you can count on. This also means that you should explore the market to find a reputable contractor to work with. It can, however, be overwhelming to find a professional to handle your bathroom remodeling project, hence the need to gather information and know where to look. When you research, you will understand how experience and cost define the best contractor to have on your project.

Working with a reputable remodeling contractor comes along with several benefits. You will save time when you find and hire a reputable remodeling expert. There is also the guarantee of better results when you consider a professional such as a commercial contractor who has been in practice for a while. You also reduce the cost of operation as a reputable remodeling contractor guides you on finding the fixtures and features on the market at a lower cost. Ensure that the contractor you hire has the confidence and trust of previous clients. You should also check on some of the past and recent bathroom remodeling projects the contractor completed before deciding on hiring them.

Cabinets and Shelving Matter

In most bathroom remodeling projects, people only focus on the fixtures such as tubs, showerheads, and the floor. You should, however, understand that an effective bathroom remodeling project should focus on different factors that will make the area attractive and functional. Before you start the project, consider important additions such as cabinets and shelving. You will make your bathroom modern and convenient when you install the right bathroom cabinets. Like the kitchen, your bathroom needed enough space for toiletries and medicine storage.

When creating a checklist for the fixtures and features needed in your bathroom, consider and include cabinets and shelves. You should look for professional guidance to have an effective plan that will, in the long run, make your bathroom spacious and convenient. Consult to understand what makes the right cabinets for your bathroom storage needs. You should also understand that you will raise the market value with the right storage and shelving features and attract potential buyers in the end.

Pay Attention to Your Lighting Needs

You need enough quality lighting in your bathroom. So before starting the remodeling project, add your bathroom lighting needs to the plan. It will serve your interest as a homeowner when you research and gather information on the best lighting systems that suit your bathroom remodeling needs. Installing the right lighting system should not be the last step but part of the project from the beginning. When you lack adequate lighting, you will only render your bathroom impractical and dangerous. When you pay attention to your lighting needs, you will also be protecting your loved ones in the process.

When remodeling your bathroom, utilize natural light. This means installing windows that let in more natural light and are energy savers. You should also consider installing an air conditioning system in areas with fluctuating temperatures. Seek the guidance and help of an HVAC contractor when creating a plan for the bathroom remodeling project. You will find it possible to improve and increase the functionality of your bathroom when you have the right HVAC system installed. You should also note that a functional AC makes your bathroom more comfortable and increases your home’s market value in the process.

Optimize Shower Flooring

As a homeowner, you want to avoid drainage issues, especially after investing money and time in the bathroom remodeling project. Before starting the remodeling work, ensure that you have a professional to do the floor installation. When you optimize shower flooring, it will be possible to find and use the right materials for your bathroom. You should create a separate checklist for your bathroom flooring and make effective estimates of your budget. It is only through optimizing the shower floors that water will drain well into your bathroom. You will also lower the chances of slipping, causing serious accidents when you optimize your floors.

When you have the plumber handle the related plumbing fixtures in the bathroom, ensure that you have a flooring expert correcting the mistakes that would cause water drainage. You should note that when water seeps into the floor, the chances of causing dampness on the walls are higher. This can also lead to further damage, especially when the house’s structural integrity gets compromised by dampness or other drainage problems.

Add a Little More When Planning

As much as you want to be strict and stick to your budget when planning for an effective bathroom remodeling project, ensure that you add a little more. Like any other construction or improvement work, a bathroom remodeling project can experience accidents that might lead to breakages or loss of materials. It will serve your interest if you add a little more to your project plan and budget. It can, however, be hectic to estimate how much more you can add. Seek the guidance and services of a general contractor with knowledge and experience in bathroom remodeling. With the guidance of a professional such as a cooling contractor, you will understand how much more to add when budgeting for a modern water heating system or an HVAC system for your bathroom remodeling needs.

Bathroom remodeling is among the best ideas that you can consider and implement in your home. The right home should serve you and your loved ones and make them comfortable and happy for a longer time to come. The bathroom is among the areas that, to a larger extent, determine how comfortable your family will be. The remodeling efforts you make go a long way into making your bathroom attractive and functional. When you know what it takes to remodel and improve your bathroom, you also increase the chances of having a successful project.



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