Types of Fire Suppression Systems to Consider for Your Business


In this YouTube video, Koorsen Fire and Security discusses the different types of fire suppression systems a business should look at for their needs. The types of business and building size and layout will play a factor in which one a company should choose.

Inert or INERGEN is the first type of fire suppression system. These systems work by reducing the amount of oxygen in the air near the fire to reduce the amount of oxygen the fire needs to stay burning.

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Suppression happens with a mixture of argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. The concentration used in this system is safe for humans and dissipates quickly once discharged from the canisters.

The second type of fire suppression system is the FM-200. This type uses hydrofluorocarbons to reduce the amount of heat caused by a fire. Hydrofluorocarbons don’t cause ozone depletion as some other solutions do. The mixture is stored in the canister as a liquid and not a gas. Upon release, it vaporizes around the flames and absorbs the heat.

The final type of suppression system is a Novec 1230 fluid mixture. It’s stored in the canister as a proprietary liquid and vaporizes upon discharge as the FM-200 does. Instead of absorbing heat, this one displaces the oxygen around the fire. This system has a smaller footprint than the others.

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