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The idyllic climate and proximity to water makes Fort Lauderdale and South Floria a booming tourist destination and home to nearly 10.3 million and 5.5 million people, respectively. Despite its climate and landscape allure, Fort Lauderdale also touts a higher than average gay population. In fact, the South Florida area hosts one of the largest gay pride parades each year!

According to 2010 U.S. Census data, there are at least 902,000 same sex couples living within the United States. Thankfully the growing acceptance (and in some states growing number of same sex marriages) has encouraged many gay people to jointly seek home ownership and utilize the services of gay and lesbian friendly businesses. As such, gay realtor Fort Lauderdale is a sought out source for Fort Lauderdale real estate and Fort Lauderdale realtor needs.

How does one find a gay realtor fort lauderdale agent that caters to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people? The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals provides an online directory of South Florida realtors including gay realtor Fort Lauderdale serving Ft Lauderdale real estate. In addition to the gay realtor fort lauderdale directory, The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals also provides directories for gay friendly mortgage brokers, title agents, appraisers, inspectors, and lawyers.

Fort Lauderdale and gay realtor Fort Lauderdale also serve communities, such as Wilton manors real estate, that cater to the gay and lesbian population. Wilton Manors is said to rank as number two in the nation for percentage of gay residents in proportion to its entire population. Because of its high gay population, Wilton Manors also hosts its very own annual GLBT festival and parade, the Stonewall Summer Pride Festival. In addition to gay realtor Fort Lauderdale sales, the area also has several gay friendly resorts, which attract visitors from all over the world.


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