How to Pick the Right Desk for Your Office


The proper workstation for your office can significantly improve your productivity, while the incorrect one can ruin your day. Next time you visit an office furniture store, keep these points in mind to help you select the ideal workstation for your needs.

Choose a workstation or desk that is intended solely for computer use.

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Ensure the desk has room or a container to accommodate the CPU underneath if utilizing a computer. To safely keep cords out of the way, look for electrical connections with built-in wiring holes or channels.

Choose a desk or workstation with the largest surface area available to accommodate big spreadsheets, large books, or stacks of crucial papers. You might also want to consider a workstation with overhead storage or shelving.
Consider arranging your desk in an “L” form to provide space for both work and meetings. A “U”-shaped model will offer even more room if you have the funds or available space. This will allow you to create an excellent presentation for clients or guests.

Keyboards must be positioned at a comfortable height for computer users. Traditional desks may have a section that’s too high for keyboards, which could cause increased user discomfort or muscular strain. Computer desks should have either a platform for a keyboard or extendable legs. Any keyboard platform should have enough space to accommodate a mouse.

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