Plead Guilty or Hire a DUI Attorney?


This video explores your options when charged with DUI. You may wonder if it’s better to plead guilty or hire a DUI attorney. Before deciding whether to plead guilty or hire a DUI attorney, you must understand the consequences of both options.

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DUI charges are serious, and you will face the consequences if convicted. A conviction could mean jail time, fines, probation, and community service, in addition to the loss of driving privileges. A DUI conviction could affect your insurance coverage terms and conditions or your employment search. Your record will also be public information; potential employers may access it during background checks.

If you plead guilty, you are 100% guilty. If you hire a DUI attorney, the judge will determine your sentence based on your case’s facts. A sure way to fight a DUI charge is by hiring a DUI attorney who specializes in drunk driving cases. An experienced DUI attorney can help you plea bargain with the prosecutor. Instead of being convicted of first-degree DUI, which includes jail time, you may be convicted of lesser charges like reckless driving or negligent driving. Your DUI attorney will also determine if there are any defenses available to fight your case.

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